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Tracks in the Sand - 1890

A Historical Snapshot of Chincoteague Island
Rick Smith


Complete Text of Peninsula Enterprise Chincoteague Columns
The Whealtons of Chincoteague
(with Whealton Family Tree 1777-1920)
by Rick Smith


“Life on Chincoteague”, New York Sun, May 11, 1890
by John R. Spears


Tracks in the Sand-1890 is a compilation of the columns that ran in the Chincoteague Beacon during 2005. It contains the full text of the 1890 Peninsula Enterprise news sections for Chincotague, much of which was omitted from the Beacon articles due to space limitations. Each month's PE news is followed by the author's commentary section, much as it appeared in the Beacon.

In addition there are included four articles on the history of the Whealton family on Chincoteague Island plus a family tree for this family from 1770 to the early 1900's.

The final section of the book is a transcript of a lengthy article, "Life on Chincoteague," that was written by John R. Spears and appeared in the New York Sun newspaper on May 11, 1890. This hard to find article was transcribed with the assistance of Matthew Krogh and Dr. Miles Barnes. While the article shows the influence of an earlier, 1878 Scribner's Monthly article by Howard Pyle, it contains a significant amount of new information.


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